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Mar 27, 2013 7:00pm PDT
korean television showed pictures of leader kim jong-un -- the military was doing what it could to turn up the tension. they informed south korea they were cutting off the hot line that connects the two militaries, saying that no words, only arms would work. another statement from the foreign minister was relayed by a newsreader. >> the korean peninsula is now in a touch and go situation due to the nuclear war provocation of the u.s. and south korea. they are entering the final stage of the all-out showdown with the states. >> the foreign minister statement also said a final decision had been reached to take military action. it sounds like a clear threat, but the conditions for doing so have already been met. at the same time, pyongyang is sending a direct message to the un that could be seen as conciliatory. ertainly -- there are no consequences of the hotline cutoff. the line is usually used to coordinate the travel of south koreans every day. south korea said direct lines to the complex were working. south korea's government talks about more engagement, not less, including the possib
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Mar 28, 2013 12:00pm PDT
seriously the threats, the rhetoric, the rising rhetoric and actions of kim jong-un. >> shepard: a price? >> i asked them about that. they didn't know a number off hand but that's two flights had to come from -- they flew a continuous round tripp mission from air force base in missouri. 6500 miles round trip. we have in figures how much it costs to run the b-2, and the operating costs for one hour per plain is $88,000. the mission lasted at least 30 hours. two planes so that's at least $5.28 million. i asked whether they thought that was an appropriate use of money, given the current budget crisis that the pentagon is facing. we heard from general demps see and secretary hagel how they had essentially spent 80% of the operating budget, and they are facing over $40 billion in cuts because of the sequestration, so they're trying to figure things out. but general dempsey was clear that with a situation like north korea, they budgeted for b-2 flights, and they feel at this time it's very important to still use them in a deterrent capacity. >> shepard: five million bucks. a lot of frequent fl
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Mar 28, 2013 3:00pm PDT
as part of a annual military ago exercise a day after kim jong un caught on a security line and threatened to hit the u.s. in a nuclear strike. >> i think they are very provocative actions. they are belligerent tone. it has ratcheted up the danger. we have to understand that reality. >> reporter: the bombers flew 13,000 miles from missouri two tokorea. how much did this cost the taxpayer? each plane costs $88,000 per thundershower fly. the mission took 30 hours and 2 planes were used $5.28 million. >> in light of what has happened in north korea and the provocation and the necessity of assuring our allies that we are there with them, we would have found a way to do this. we are ready too challenge but not put our security at risk. >> reporter: and in case north korea didn't get the message on these stealth bombers. north korea put out a press release, an unprecedented move. >> chris: i understand hagel had good news about the pentagon furloughs? >> that is right. he announced in the wake of the continuing resolutions past by congress, pentagon kom troller put together the way of
Mar 28, 2013 7:00am PDT
threats from kim jong-un's government seriously and jim avila has been watching it all night long. good morning to you, jim. >> reporter: good morning, josh. the united states using its military to send a stern message the united states sent two b-2 stealth bombers in a nonstop flight 6500 miles round trip over the pacific to drop dummy ammunitions over south korean training field. the military says it was to demonstrate the commitment of the united states to defend the republic of korea. this after rising tensions after north korea and south korea, the closing of the border and yesterday warning that war could be imminent between south korea and an attack on the united states. the u.s. sending a stern message. perhaps hopefully reducing that tension, this picture which has gone viral on the errant showing north korea's military leaders looking at an antiquated computer. the white house is not laughing at that picture. their reaction is north korea's rhetoric and the threats that they engage in follow a pattern designed to raise tensions and intimidate others. saying they will ach
Mar 27, 2013 8:00pm PDT
south korea. u.s. officials today talked about north korean dictator kim jong-un saying north korea is not a paper tiger. it wouldn't be smart to dismiss its provocative behavior as pure bluster. this is serious. and outfront tonight, matthew chance, on the island of pyeongyo pyeongyong. how big of a step is the move to server the military hotline? >> well, they've done that before. but it's still a pretty big step. there are more than a million troops facing up against each other across one of the most volatile borders in the world. and so there are very few channels of communications between those two militaries. so when one of them is severed like this, obviously increases the possibility of a miscalculation of a misstep that could potentially escalate into something more serious. and that's one of the big concerns now. there's so little trust between the two sides, so little opportunity for them to communicate and coordinate. that could lead to something very dangerous indeed, erin. >> matthew, some people might say what were the hotlines really used for if they were only for emerg
Mar 28, 2013 10:00am PDT
joint military exercises. tensions are high after north korea's leader kim jong un threatened to attack the u.s. and south korea with nuclear weapons. >>> banks in cyprus opened today for the first time in two weeks following a near meltdown of the country's banking sector. the banks reopened under very tight controls imposed on large depositors and others as part of a rescue package to prevent the country from defaulting. >>> lawyers for oscar pistorius won a victory as the judge lifted the tight bail restrictions after he was charged with premeditated murder of his girlfriend. with today's ruling, pistorius will get his passport back and will be able to compete overseas. >>> this week, north dakota became the latest state to challenge roev. wade, moving to ban abortion as early as six weeks into pregnancy on the heels of arkansas and other states chipping away at abortion access. those caught up in the debate think that abortion could soon be headed back to the supreme court. is that a good thing? joining me planned parenthood president, cecille richards joining me from new yor
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Mar 28, 2013 5:00pm EDT
. it is sending a very clear message to kim jong-un of north korea. mess with south korea and you are messing with us. tensions are soaring by the day on the korean peninsula, but will severe u.s. defense cutbacks hurt the missions like this one and inhibit our ability to harm our ennis. chris, welcome back to the show. first of all is that a fair characterization that's why we did that today? >> melissa, thank you. a pleasure to be with you this evening. yes it is a fair characterization much of what we do in terms of our military posture, deployment, exercises and operations is meant to send a signal and a message to our enemies. there are all kinds of things we can do short of combat to let our enemies know where we are. let's make no mistake north korea is our enemy. nobody understands why they do what they do. we can assess the behavior and and its impact and for sure it is destablizing to part of the pacific rim. part of our position to position bombers on the south peninsula where the north koreans are sure to see them. melissa: this is a show on money and how much is being spe
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Mar 28, 2013 8:00am PDT
until april 30th. the pentagon is concerned thatafter april 30th that's when kim jong un the young north korean leader may try to do something, an attention-getting exercise if you will and he may miscalculate. without this hotline between the two countries it's very risky. defense secretary chuck hagel spoke to his south korean counterpart yesterday. there could be misunderstanding without this hotline and things are very tense right now. jenna: do we have any idea in the north koreans know about these stealth bombers, we know they are closed to outside press. we are seeing these images, but do we have any indication that the public is in north korea r-r. >> reporter: they may be closed to the outside press. their military is monitoring what the south koreans and the u.s. is doing. the u.s. and the pentagon are clear in wanting to release a press release on the b-2 nights. they announced on monday the b52 flights. they are sending a very clear message and there is no doubt that the north korean leader and the military know that these flights took place. jenna: we'll continue to wa
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Mar 28, 2013 6:00am PDT
sentiment. ever since kim jong-un took over as north korean leader he issued a variety of threats, threatening to at attack the u.s. and threatening to attack washington, d.c. although he is not believed to have such capability. he launched several missiles including one last december. he conducted a third underground nuclear test which brought turf economic sanctions from the world community. north koreans are sensitive about bombers flying over their territory because the extensive aerial siege of north korea during the war back in the 1950s. bill: this is the one flying piece of the equipment that the north koreans fear the most too. steve, thank you for that. it is awesome thing to come through the air, the b-2 bomber behind us. look what the air force has to do. it starts from a air force, whiteman air base in missouri. it will fly 13,000 miles in a round-trip. takes about 48 hours give or take a. 13,000 from the state of missouri the islands on the southwestern coast of south korea and then fly back again. it is one heck of a intimidating piece aircraft. in this area here, t
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Mar 28, 2013 10:00am PDT
korean peninsula, a reminder to the young kim jong-un in the north, the u.s. is capable of reaching them swiftly, armed with nuclear weapons to protect his friend and alley. and it dropped a payload off the coast in an exercise with south korea. the pentagon wants to detour any adventurism by the young bick tate dictator. the most recent flight is is on monday and capable of carrying nuclear weapons. the u.s. and south korea are taking part in joint military exercises until april 30th. the b-52 flights are a part of the exercises known as full eagle. we will wait to hear from secretary haggle about the counterpart in about an hour's time, megyn. >> jennifer, thank you. >> and planning to play. and the inner city champ for five years straight. and doing a little more dancing than not going on up there. check themselves before they arrest themselves. >> megyn: that was from the 2004 comedy "dodgeball" a game many of us played as children. today one new hampshire school district there will be no dodging, diving, ducking of any kind. the wyndham school district is worried that the game
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10